A dozen state lawmakers and two clergy sex abuse victims are calling on Bishop Thomas Tobin to suspend Rev Richard Bucci, the pastor of Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick for saying pedophilia doesn't kill anyone." At least two lawmakers including Rep Carol Hagen McEntee whose sister was a victim of clergy abuse, got a SECOND letter at their homes from Bucci. In the letter Bucci defended an earlier letter telling lawmakers who voted to enshrine voting rights in state law that they were no longer eligible to receive communion or act as witinesses to marriage, godparents, or lectors at weddings and funerals or any other church function. He said McEntee, the lead sponsor of last year's bill to extend the deadlines for lawsuits against pedophiles, decends from a line of "Nazis, communists and fascists." In the letter Bucci arrogantly said I have no intention of resigning and I doubt Bishop Tobin will ask me to despite McEntee's wonderful relationship with him and the church.

And the church wonders why the flock is fleeing.

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