Renaming Rhode Island?

Our state might be the smallest, but guess what?, We have the longest name…at least longest full name. When we declared statehood in 1790, we did as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Now, an online petition is aimed to ask the state to shorten the moniker to just Rhode Island, a nonbinding campaign aimed to generate momentum toward an eventual question on this year’s November ballot. URI sophomore Tyson Planka organized the petition drive claiming he’s not trying to erase history but says we shouldn’t glorify our shameful past. A decade back nearly 8 in 10 voters rejected to shorten name in a referendum but supports say they’re feeling a fresh sense of urgency as the nation deals with the death of George Floyd. Any change would first have to be approved by the Legislature before put before voters once again. No bill to do has yet to be introduced. If it is and it makes it to the November ballot, fine. Let the state’s voters decide. I can tell you this, I was born and raised here…lived all but three years of my life here…and never once have I told anyone I’m from “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.”

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