COVID-19 UPDATE: Phase 3 Details to Be Unveiled on Friday.

Rhode Island is on track to become the first state to test 20% of its residents by Friday. That's according to Governor Gina Raimondo, who announced on Wednesday that she will be unveiling details for Phase 3 of the Reopening of Rhode Island. Raimondo has targeted early July as the beginning of Phase 3, during which allowable crowd capacities at businesses and events are expected to increase.

The Department of Health is opening new locations for asymptomatic people who work in close-contact businesses, including restaurants, salons, barber shops or physical therapy facilities. Anyone who has attended a recent rally or protest is also eligible to be tested, even if they do not have COVID-19 symptoms. The test sites are being set up at four Stop & Shop store locations in Cranston, Pawtucket and two in Providence (Manton and West River Street locations). Each location has the ability to run 30 tests per day. The state has set a goal of testing 900 asymptomatic people per day in order to stay ahead of potential outbreaks. Appointments for asymptomatic testing can be requested at the website:

At her Wednesday press briefing the governor discussed the "new normal" going forward, which entails a future with more distance learning, tele-health and state-provided appointment only services. Specifically, Raimondo suggested that making appointments for all DMV services may become a permanent policy in order to eliminate the Registry's well-known tendency to have long lines and wait times for even basic services.

  • COVID-19 DATA for 6/17:
  • New cases: 49
  • New fatalities: 11
  • Previous day tests: 2,852

graphic: RIDOH

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