Brugliones Close Brickley's

Being cooped up during the COVID 19 pandemic creates cabin fever and can lead to tempers running short but that doesn’t give you license to act like BRUGLIONE and ruin what limited amount of fun and treats that there is out there…and what’s more fun than ice cream in the summer. Unfortunately, Brickley’s Ice Cream is closing its Wakefield store over the bad behavior of two customers. Last month Brickely’s said it was running out of patience with verbally abusive customers and a confrontation with a pair of customers this past weekend was the straw that broke the butter brickle’s back. The ice cream shop said two men became angry because they couldn’t eat their ice cream on the patio and started swearing at the staff of Brickley’s and a neighboring café. Now, Brickley’s will close the Wakefield shop for the season. Their Narragansett shop will stay open. Some of the Wakefield staff will work in Narragansett. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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