Tooth Fairy Pretty Generous To Rhode Island Kids

There is a new report out from the National Dental Alliance which ranks the states based on how generous their Tooth Fairies are.

And, it has some very interesting conclusions.

Massachusetts, with the third highest income in the nation, has among the most frugal tooth fairies around paying out about $2.48 a tooth.

They came in number 48 on the list.

The Connecticut tooth fairy is only slightly more generous at $3.95 a tooth.

While in Rhode Island, they rank as the top state in New England with $6.12 per tooth.

Rhode Island 5th overall.

The national average is $4.57 per tooth.

Delaware came in as the most generous Tooth Fairy at nearly 9 bucks per tooth.

More than 12 hundred parents nationwide were surveyed.

(Photo credit should read GREG WOOD/AFP via Getty Images)

A baby tries to touch a battery operated

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