State A-G Sues Landlords For Failure To Keep Kids Safe

Some Providence landlords are being sued by Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha. He says significant lead hazards were detected in four buildings where children who tested positive for lead poisoning live. The lawsuit says the property owners failed to address the hazards after being notified twice.

“Hundreds of children in Rhode Island are lead poisoned every year, endangering their short- and long-term health and development. This problem persists because of the failure of landlords to do what they are required by law to do: remediate lead hazards in the apartments they rent. Prioritizing profits over the health of children requires a strong response, and that is why we continue to take action against any and all landlords who endanger children in this way,” said Attorney General Neronha.

The suit seeks a court order for landlords to provide alternative housing during remediation and penalties of up to five-thousand-dollars a day.

Under state law, following a property inspection by RIDOH, landlords are given multiple opportunities to correct lead hazard violations before the Attorney General may file an enforcement action.


Photo: Getty Images

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