Warwick Woman Arrested For Faking Military Service To Defraud Companies

A 31 year old Warwick woman has been arrested by federal officials on charges that she allegedly faked her military service to bilk non-profit companies out of money that was meant for veterans. Sarah Cavanaugh, according to prosecutors said she was a Marine and received the Medal of Valor. Prosecutors say she never served.  

According to the charging documents released by the Department of Justice Monday: 

  • Created and submitted falsified military discharge documents, medical diagnosis, and medical bills to “HunterSeven,” an organization that provides monetary aid to veterans in need. Cavanaugh did so to request financial assistance and falsely claim that she was being treated for cancer from exposure to burn pits in Iraq/Afghanistan and inhaling particulate matter in the aftermath of an Improvised Explosive Device.
  • Posing as a combat veteran, Cavanaugh contacted “Code of Support,” and collected $18,472 in financial assistance for mortgage payments, repairs to her home furnace, a gym membership, and for other unspecified bills,
  • Posing as a combat veteran diagnosed with cancer related to her military service, Cavanaugh collected approximately $4,700 from an internet-based fundraising website,
  • Claiming to be a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient, Cavanaugh collected approximately $16,000 from a charity that provides therapy for veterans through art programs, and

Posing as a wounded combat veteran, Cavanaugh collected $207,000 from the Wounded Warrior organization to pay for groceries and physical therapy sessions.  

She has been freed on 50 thousand dollars bail.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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