Providence Accepts Charlestown Aplogy

The Providence Mayor is accepting the apology of the Charlestown Emergency Management Director over disparaging remarks about the city.

At a Town Council meeting this week Kevin Gallup wondered if a police detail would be needed for a certain event if people from Providence showed up.

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza took issue with that. He called the remarks “a coded, derogatory message.”

Friday, Gallup issued a formal apology to the Town Council. In it he says that he now has a better understanding of the importance of better considering the words that he uses. He said that the comments reflected badly on the community and the council itself.

“I also owe an apology to the people of Providence, and people of color everywhere for the meaning of my words.”

In an interview with WPRI TV Friday night, Mayor Elorza called the apology “very classy” and hoped that something positive could come out of it for both the people of Providence and Charlestown.

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images for (RED))

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