GOP Candidate Says She Is Ready To Fight For Rhode Island As Governor

Ashley Kalus, a Golden Gloves Champion says now she is ready to fight for the people of Rhode Island. The mother of three pre school children who is also a healthcare executive has launched her bid for Governor.


Kalus has degrees in finance and legal studies from UMass Amherst. Kalus says she knows what it is like to have a dream and to build on it until it becomes a reality. Among other things she was a business consultant and worked to build a surgical practice as well. 

In a three minute video released this morning Kalus talks about her mother who raised a family and had to apply for food stamps. She says her mother was embarrassed by that. But she used that to build a successful business. 

Kalus says it was her mothers “grit and determination” that prompts her to run for governor. She says people are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet and their dreams to become a reality. 

She says Covid made it even more difficult because big business wrote many of the laws that allowed them to stay open and small businesses forced to close, some permanently. 

She called herself “the Education Governor” saying that if a family had children trapped in a failing school, they would have school choice.

 So far she is the only Republican in the race.

Democrats will have a primary as there are five people running for Governor.

(Photo Ashley Kalus/Facebook)





Photo: angie cope

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