Senator Whitehouse Spars With Dissenters Of Judge Jackson

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall declined to answer a question from Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse during Thursday's Supreme Court nominee hearing about the legitimacy of Joe Biden's presidency.

Whitehouse repeatedly asked Marshall if Biden is the duly-elected and lawfully-serving president of the United States.

Marshall only responded by saying, quote, "He is the president of this country".

Whitehouse was participating in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Marshall was in Washington to testify in opposition.

Meantime, Whitehouse said that he was impressed by the testimony of Judge Brown Jackson and expects her to be confirmed by the entire Senate.

Whitehouse later tweeted, "If you cannot accept the results of a free and fair democratic election, you have no grounds to criticize or evaluate a Supreme Court nominee."

(Photo by Susan Walsh-Pool/Getty Images)

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