Mayor Elorza Warns Of Consequences For Illegal Dirt Bikes In City

Police are renewing a crackdown on illegal vehicles in Providence. 

Mayor Jorge Elorza warns ATV and dirt bikes riders that if they are caught in the city their vehicles will be confiscated and destroyed. In the past few years about 250 ATVs and dirt bikes have been seized.

Providence police say once again this year they will collaborate on enforcement with Cranston and State Police. 

The issue is not just a problem in Providence, or even in Rhode Island. It is all throughout the region.

In Springfield, Massachusetts for example, police have arrested 14 people in the last two weeks and confiscated more than 2 dozen illegal dirt bikes.

Police departments in both cities call it a danger to pedestrians and drivers and an overall quality of life issue.

(Picture provided by Springfield Massachusetts Police)

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