Senator Reed: State Should Get Fair Share Of National Resources

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed says amendments to a series of bills, will bring a lot of money to the state and improve the overall economy if they are signed by the President.

A total of 12 billion dollars for the submarine industry is being proposed as well as funding for local police departments as well as watershed projects throughout the state.

Senator Reed stated: “My priority is ensuring that Rhode Island gets its fair share of federal resources and these earmarks will help with specific community, infrastructure, and economic development needs. These dedicated federal funds for Rhode Island will go directly to areas of community need, whether improving roads, feeding the hungry, enhancing public safety, or helping non-profits deliver critical care and services. All of these earmarks are transparent, meet strict requirements, and have been requested by Rhode Island cities, towns, and organizations to address community needs.”

In addition, the Senator is reacting to the agreement reached in the Senate on a measure that will provide billions of dollars in relief to the people hit hard by the pandemic and inflation.

“This represents a real breakthrough and it’s a major win for working families and taxpayers. I am encouraged by and supportive of this agreement to reduce inflation, lower energy and health costs, and cut the deficit. This agreement includes a substantial package of inflation-fighting measures that will help Rhode Island families afford healthcare, energy, and other necessities. It makes historic and overdue investments in addressing climate change and cutting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It will also boost domestic clean energy production and accelerate the transition toward renewable energy. And it is fully-paid for, directs real savings toward reducing the deficit, and helps ensure the largest corporations and Wall Street’s private equity managers pay their fair share in taxes – something millions of hardworking Americans small and businesses already do each year.”

That measure would pay down the debt, lower drug prices and energy costs as well.

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