Prov. City Councilors Attepmt Override Of School Committee Hybrid System

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza has vetoed a city council measure that would have installed a “hybrid school board” in the city. The mayor’s action will prevent the question from being sent to the Secretary of the State’s office so that it could appear during the November general election.

“First and foremost, there was limited community engagement and this was a decision that was driven by City Council members whom comprised a majority of the committee (5 out of 9 members). There was very limited outreach, such as proactive engagement with education leaders, parents and students, when crafting this proposal. Community members are correct to expect greater outreach and they have raised concerns of this proposal being designed without PPSD parents at the table,” said Mayor Elorza.

Right now the mayor appoints members to the school board. Under what was termed “the hybrid” approach, two members from each of the five regions of the city would be elected to the board. They would be able to serve no more than three- four year terms.

The Mayor says that under the elected approach, it would limit the field of viable candidates to serve. The mayor says people would run expensive campaigns for the seat and that would not solve any of the school systems issues.

The City Council President, John Iggliozi called the mayor’s veto “a reckless action, precisely why the city needs a board.” He said that the city “should not be beholden to one person making unilateral decisions.”He said that there would be more, not less community involvement.

There is still time for the council to act and get the issue on the ballot. It would take an override vote by the council in which two-thirds of the members would need to agree.

A special meeting for the purpose of that override is being scheduled.

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