Senate Vote Sets National Lobster Day

Lobster now has its own day.

Whether in a bisque, in a bun, with butter or without, the US Senate has designated Sunday, September 25 of this year as “National Lobster Day.”

The measure was passed in a unanimous vote and was co-sponsored by Senators Angus King and Susan Collins of Maine along with Senator Jack Reed.

“Designating September 25 as National Lobster Day helps recognize Rhode Islanders who work so hard to catch, process, prepare, serve, and ship lobster all over the country.It’s also a fun excuse to get together with friends, put on a bib, and get cracking enjoying some locally-caught lobster,” said Senator Reed. “Lobsters help shine a spotlight on Rhode Island’s coastal cuisine. From dockside seafood shacks to gourmet fine dining, the Ocean State is known for having some of the best culinary spots in the country serving up fresh-caught local lobster on the menu in a variety of ways.”

The latest report that came from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, lobster-men took in one point three million pounds of lobster that was worth nearly 11 million dollars.

According to the Senators office, this marks the seventh year in a row that he was able to successfully designate a special day to honor the industry and those who work so hard at it.

(Photo by Jodi Hilton/Getty Images)

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