New Hopes And Dreams For New School Year In Providence

It is that time of year.   

Schools are back in session today. It will be the first time in about two years where most schools will not require masking. 

Dr Javier Montanez says that the teachers have spent hundreds of hours growing their skills for the school year, from principals on down. 

The only real hang-up in the walk up to the new school year is that the WAVE cards for Rhode Island Transit Authority buses are not ready yet. For the first month, students will be allowed to ride free. 

The Superintendent also says that the system worked for many hours with police and fire to make sure buildings were in order and were safe. The superintendent says they will be. 

And the system met with health department officials to make sure the system was ready to deal with covid and the monkey pox virus. 

Rhode Island State Police have a warning—do not pass school buses that have their flashing lights on. A violation of that law is punishable by a fine which starts at $300 dollars. 

In addition, another state law prohibits you from traveling in the same lane that a school bus is traveling within 50 feet. That is also punishable by a fine of between three hundred and five hundred dollars. 

(Photo Credit: John Baibak, NewsradioRI)

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