Cicilline Leaving Congress With A Message Of "Hope"

Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline delivered his final speech from the floor of the House of Representatives Tuesday night.

"I want to leave with this parting word, ‘Hope,' the Congressman said. "Hope for our democracy, and for this institution. For centuries, the United States has been the hope of the world. We are the nation where freedom, equality, opportunity for all, and unity have made us a beacon of hope in some of the darkest times in human history. For generations, men and women have fought to preserve our way of life, and many have given their blood, sweat, and even their lives for it. Yet today, there are forces working to undermine our democratic institutions and our shared values. This institution has the sacred responsibility to honor the sacrifices made by so many in the work we do every day, in the way we treat one another as colleagues, and in our commitment to let truth not fear, reason not extremism, and respect for all not division, lead our every effort.”

The former Providence mayor, who has been in Congress for 12 years, told his colleagues it's been the honor of his life to represent the people of the 1st District. Cicilline is resigning to become the head of the Rhode Island Foundation. Over a dozen Democrats are competing to fill his seat.

(Photo Credit: House of Representatives TV)

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