Odd 'Ice Circle' Appears in China

An elaborate circular formation recently appeared atop an ice shelf in China. The strange design was reportedly first spotted on Friday by a worker at Qinghai Lake, who subsequently snapped a photo of the breathtaking sight. According to a local media report, the circle measures around 300 feet in diameter and its origins were initially a mystery. However, before one begins speculating that the oddity could have been the handiwork of ETs, one eagle-eyed individual online quickly solved the riddle of the strange design.

It turns out that the formation is, in fact, the logo of a Chinese car company known as AION. And, oddly enough, the 'ice circle' was apparently created by accident as it had originally been made using sand strategically placed on dry land back in February. The location was then frozen over and the logo was largely forgotten until last week when the ice began to thaw and the formation reappeared to the astonishment of onlookers who were unaware that it had been there for weeks.

See more of the strange formation at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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