Instagram Is Curbing Diet And Plastic Surgery Ads

With kids being on their devices all the time, body image issues have seen a spike.

To that end, Instagram and Facebook are trimming all those diet, detox, and plastic surgery ads. New rules will ban weight loss products linked to an offer. Users under the age of 18 also won't be allowed to watch posts promoting weight loss or cosmetic procedures.

Another type of ads getting the boot are the ones making unrealistic claims. Miracle cancer cure? Umm, no.. One of the experts Instagram consulted with says products like skinny teas "offer short term solutions to something that naturally takes a lot longer." Instagram has been blamed for more young adults getting fillers and Botox.

British ”Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil is an advocate to censoring ads that can damage body image and she celebrated the victory in a post yesterday.

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