It’s no secret that most people consider their pets part of the family, but it seems some people take that to a bit of an extreme.

A new survey finds that 78% of pet owners say their pet is part of the family, which is normal, but a third of real parents go so far as to say their pet is their favorite child. In fact, 34% of parents prefer their pets to their human family, while 67% say their pet is their best friend.

And when it comes to our four-legged friends, a lot of people go a little crazy, and fall into the category of “pet fanatic” and there are definite signs that may indicate you may be one. The top sign of a pet fanatic is setting up a social media account for your pet (44%), which 17% of people have actually done. Other top signs you’re a pet fanatic include:

  • Throwing a pet a birthday party
  • Buying a pet clothes or fancy accessories
  • Spending more money on a meal for a pet than a meal for themselves
  • Allowing a pet to regularly sleep on the bed with them
  • Matching their outfit to a pet’s outfit
  • Turning down plans because their pet couldn’t come along
  • Having more photos of a pet on their phone than any person
  • Taking a pet to a pet-friendly spa
  • Calling their pet their “child” or “baby”
  • Making a pet their own little room in the house
  • Calling a pet their best friend 

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