A Rhode Island mayor has been sparking debate and getting some criticism for bringing his baby boy with him to work every day. Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza brings his son to ribbon cuttings, news conferences and meetings with the governor, and even put a bassinet and toy box in his office at City Hall. Some who approve say Elorza is setting an example for how to juggle work and parenting, while critics say he's using his son as a prop and benefiting from a double standard that would make it impossible for a woman to do the same thing. City Council President Sabina Matos said "if a female elected official was doing the same thing, the amount of pushback would be huge." Elorza says bringing little one year old Omar to work was a decision that he and his wife made after assessing their busy, unpredictable schedules. He says he wants time with his son and the cost of daycare is too high for their budget. Elorza's wife's attending law school. Elorza's salary is $118,000 and he says daily day care would cost $350 bucks. Welcome to real world. Elorza admits his staff sometimes cares for the child while he works He says no one has ever lost out on professional opportunities or had to put work obligations aside to do so. Really? He says some staffers have become "like extensions of my family." Well, that's all well and good if they're babysitting little Omar IN YOUR HOME....but at work? No Bueno!

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