Halloween isn’t even here yet but there are plenty of people out there already thinking about the Christmas season. And apparently a lot of people have no problem with folks getting into the holiday spirit early.

According to a new survey:

  • 43% of Americans think it’s okay to put up holiday decorations before November 1st.
  • 30% of people have no issue with stores putting up holiday decorations before Halloween or Thanksgiving.
  • 80% of folks admit they started preparing for the holidays somewhere between January and August.
  • 57% of people actually start their holiday shopping before November 1st.
  • 83% of people have a holiday to-do list, with 55% starting that list before October.
  • But not everyone is an early bird when it comes to the holidays, with 21% of men and 14% of women saying they wait until December to start planning for the holidays.

And while it isn’t always easy for some to get in the holiday spirit, there are definitely some things that help get you there faster. When asked what gets people in the mood for the holidays, the most popular things were:

  • Decorate your home (61%)
  • Shop for presents (59%)
  • Cooking and baking (52%)
  • Wrap presents (48%)
  • Plan and shop for holiday meals (43%)
  • Research gift ideas (42%)
  • Travel to visit friends and family (41%)
  • Take a holiday card photo (40%)
  • Plan a holiday party (38%)
  • Attend religious service (37%)

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