While family may be the most important thing out there for most people, it seems more and more families aren’t actually spending all that much time together, and parents are not at all happy about it. 

According to a new UK survey, which could easily translate here:

  • Parents of kids 18 and under believe “family” is starting to be a thing of the past.
  • More than half of parents say they feel “distant” from their kids.
  • As for the reason, 43% of parents blame video games for their decrease in family time, while 51% say it’s because their kids are always in the rooms.
  • Another 44% blame it on their kids spending all their time on their phones.
  • It seems 13 is the age when kids begin disconnecting from family.
  • 73% of parents feel their relationship with their kids changed when they became adolescents.
  • 54% of parents would like to spend more time with their kids. 

So, just how little time are parents spending with their kids these days. Well, it turns out:

  • The average parent attempts to set aside five days a month for “family time.”
  • The average parent only spends five hours of face-to-face conversation time with their kid each week.
  • 46% say they only get four hours max each week.
  • 80% of parents say they have become interested in their child’s favorite activity in order to spend more time with them.

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