The PRO JO'S PERSON IN THE NEWS podcast featured the youngest member of the Providence City Council, 22 year old Katherine Kerwin. She's the council member who made headlines after the Christopher Columbus statue in the Elmwood section of the city was vandalized on Columbus Day by someone who covered it in red paint and left a sign reading "stop celebrating geonocide." Kerwin called the person who vandalized the statue "some incredible brave person." She went on to say "I support the vandalism of the statue and I hope the statue will be removed by next Columbus Day." She told the PRO JO podcast "the vandal should be getting all the credit for their bravery." Problem is, council woman, we're unable to pin a medal on this "brave" person's chest because he or she committed the act in the dark of night, as cowards usually do.Look, I think we're all pretty much aware Columbus did a lot more than sail the ocean blue in 1492...and not much of what he did was statue worthy. Kerwin's right when she says we need to begin to look at our history differently. She's not suggesting we erase it, but she says we shouldn't be celebrating it either. And YOU, council woman, should not be celebrating and encouraging vandalism.

Ron St. Pierre

Ron St. Pierre

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