While some people dread the holidays, others look forward to it all year, but it turns out, for a lot of those folks, the holidays never really live up to the expectations they have for them.

A new survey finds…

  • A fifth of Americans say their holidays at home don’t live up to their expectations.
  • 21% actually say their celebrations are a disappointment.

But even with the disappointment a lot of folks wouldn’t think of not celebrating the holidays the same way every year. In fact, 

  • 72% of folks have a traditional way of spending the holidays.
  • 63% would feel guilty not following those annual holiday traditions.
  • 52% wouldn’t break traditions because they’d miss celebrating with family and friends.
  • Other reasons folks wouldn’t break holiday traditions include:
    • They enjoy seeing family during the holidays (49%)
    • They would miss holiday food (37%)
    • They wouldn’t want to miss out on my holiday traditions (34%)
    • The cost/expense of flying around the holidays (34%)

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