Social Shaming Over Masks?

Governor Raimondo signed an executive order requiring people to cover their faces in public. I asked the Governor if this meant retailers can deny access to customers and if it applies to drive thru and the answer to both questions was yes. Me, I’ve been wearing a face mask when I wander out for essentials at my nearby STOP and SHOP, JOB LOT, WALGREENS, CURBSIDE PICK UP and, of course, the liquor store. When I walk, run or walk my dog HAZEL in my East Greenwich neighborhood, I don’t wear one because it’s easy to keep social distance in my hood. Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza is asking residents to socially shame those who don’t wear masks in his city saying “we all have our way that we can either nudge them or push them to make sure they’re being responsible as well.” You check the temperament of folks on social media these days, mayor? I’ll pass on that one. Hopefully, retailers will responsibly and civilly make sure customers AREN’T allowed entry, including drive by, to avoid potential confrontations.