Big Changes At The Providence Journal

We’ve talked about big changes at the Providence Journal since the pandemic outbreak. Three longtime employees got their walking papers as parent company Gannett began massive cuts across their hundreds of newspapers. Sportswriter Kevin McNamara, who had been at the Pro-Jo for two decades was sent packing and then, out of nowhere, Editorial Board Editor Edward Achorn posted an announced he was leaving with the word “retirement” nowhere to be found. This week we found out why. The Pro-Jo said it’ll follow Gannett’s policy of no editorial board and no endorsement of candidates. Former publisher Howard Sutton wrote a commentary claiming the Journal had “lost its soul” which, to its credit, the paper published. Mark Patinkin wrote this week about having to say some tough goodbyes in recent weeks and extolling the qualities of journalists who remain. Patinkin insists those who run the Journal locally are hardly dark forces keen on downsizing. Unfortunately, Mark, the locals don’t call the shots, Gannett does, and corporate seems adamant on making the Journal into the Pamphlet.