Slow And Easy Wins My Race

We listen to and watch Governor Gina Raimondo’s daily Corona Virus press conference each day. We agree or disagree with her directives, decisions and executive orders. We weigh what’s open and what’s closed. The bottom line is how we as individuals decide the risks when weighing venturing out. What’s safe will mean different things to different people. All or nothing approaches to re-opening the economy BOTH have bad consequences. Age plays a big role as does any pre existing conditions. I’m 65 and in what I’d consider pretty good health, but I’m in NO rush to get out scratch any itch to gather in a big crowd. Will I ease back into outdoor dining? Sure. Two key words for me remain distance and time. If I’m walking in a great outdoor space with a mask on, I’m feeling pretty confident. If I stop and talk with people for 15 minutes who haven’t been in my immediate circle, I’m violating my dedication to my key words…distance and time. For me, slow and easy wins this race….for others, it’s difference. I’d just advise those “others” to take it easy and do the smart thing.

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