Divisiveness Destroys Dialouge

An individual by the name of John Walsh is a frequent op-ed contributor to the Providence Journal. Usually his pieces are rather warm trips down memory lane in Rhode Island but this Sunday his op-ed was entitled “Masks Have Never Been So Revealing.” In it, he describes a visit to an E-G liquor store to buy a six pack. There was a guy in line in front of him and John wrote about how he didn’t realize he was standing at a 12-foot distance marker instead of the next in line 6-footer to which the customer referenced and remarked “Jesus, I don’t bite.” John’s op-ed framed the comment “jousting more than joking.” And, as he so correctly points out, THIS IS WHERE WE ARE TODAY. DIVISEVNESS DERAILS DIALOGUE. I DON’T KNOW Mr. Walsh personally, but I couldn’t agree with him more. In my limited travels these days, I try to avoid as much dialogue with strangers as possible. It’s sad, really, because I enjoy engaging with people…but in these crazy times where the wearing of a face covering is perceived as a political statement…I don’t need the confrontation.

Photo: Getty Images