Squaw Valley Name Change

California’s famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort announced that it will be changing its name because the word "squaw" is a, quote, "racist and sexist slur." The decision was made after consulting with local Native American groups and extensively researching the word "squaw." It's derived from the Algonquin language and may have once just meant "woman," but it developed over generations into a racist and misogynist term to disparage Native American women. The ski resort will immediately begin working on choosing a new name, which is expected to be announced next year. Native American tribes in the area have asked many times over the years for the name to be changed, but weren't successful until now. It's believed the area was originally named Squaw Valley because when settlers arrived in the 1850s, they first saw only Native American women working in a meadow. Certainly innocent enough motivation with no harmful intention…but that was then, and this is the NEW NOW. Maybe the ski resort can get together with THE NFL’S WASHINGTON TEAM and come up with a mutual name to co-brand co-promote….opportunity knocks!

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