A Wakeup Call For Pro Athletes

The world of professional sports had better wake up and wake up fast. Polling data released this week shows public support of American sports has decreased significantly over the past 12 months and the biggest reason for the decrease? Political activism of players. Gallup says the sports industry now has a negative image, on balance among Americans as a whole. 30% viewing it positive and 40% negatively. The drop in support coming overwhelmingly from Republicans, with a whopping 46% drop in favorability from that voting bloc to just 5% from Democrats. Gallup says the greater social and political activism of players, coaching staffs and entire leagues appear to have turned off Americans who disagree with their messages of the way they express them. At Thursday night’s NFL opener between The KC Chiefs and Houston Texans in Arrowhead stadium, the 17 thousand allowed in attendance booed players from both teams as they locked arms at midfield before kickoff. People…myself included…tune into sports as a means to escape, not to be lectured to. Add in the fact that these players are making more money in a year than the average Joe and Joanne will see in a lifetime and haven’t a clue about real life. You want to talk about PRIVILAGE. What a bunch of hypocrites.