Coronavirus Stress

A new study confirms what we already know…the COVID 19 pandemic has triggered multiple stressors that are directly linked to rising acute stress and symptoms of depression among Americans. The lead author of the University of California’s study says the pandemics NOT hitting all communities equally. People have lost jobs, wages and loved one in record speed. Those living with chronic mental and physical illness are experiencing increased struggles. Mental health services need to be tailored to those in need right not. The study also highlites the connection between mental health and exposure to the media coverage of the pandemic, suggesting we should all step away from the television, computer or smartphone to protect our psychological well being. That’s a fine suggestion, but just about as impractical as hell right now with a presidential election 40-plus days away…unless, of course, you’re mind’s already made up, which many polls suggest is the case EVEN BEFORE the first presidential debate this Tuesday.

Photo: Getty Images