Raimondo Restrictions

Governor Raimondo haters must have been terribly disappointed when she basically appealed to people’s common sense with her special COVID 19 press conference Thursday. OK, maybe her hands were tied regarding effective executive orders because the RI spike’s has been linked to small private gatherings. Still, she’s asking RIers to cancel ANY Halloween parties and is assembling a State Police HALLOWEEN PATROL asking the staties to triple their enforcement on Halloween with the goal of breaking up gatherings of more than 15 people with $500 dollar fines in place for violators. She said trick or treating will soo be allowed but ENCOURAGED it be done BEFORE dark. Looking forward, she AGAIN ENCOURAGED Rhode Islanders to make smaller, local gatherings for Thanksgiving. You know that same encouragement’s coming for Christmas. What’s the big sacrifice cutting back on Halloween parties and keeping trick or treating with ]in your controlled neighborhood? The more difficult decisions are coming for Thanksgiving and Christmas….but I think the one thing in evidence at the Governor’s Thursday parser is she’s going to appeal to our common sense because it’s obvious she know you can’t legislate STUPID.

Photo: Getty Images