Children across the country came home from trick-or-treating  with bags fall of Halloween candy, but some unlucky kids in South Carolina came away from Rep. Mark Sanford's house with a pocket Constitution instead. The Republican former state governor and outgoing congressman tweeted yesterday morning, "Pocket Constitutions are at the ready for today's trick-or-treaters," along with a photo showing a basket full of them, topped with a decorative witch's hat. Social media, unsurprisingly, wasn't kind, dragging Sanford and warning him to be wary of his house being egged or finding bags of flaming dog poop on his stoop. One clever Twitter user changed the photo so Sanford's basket also included Appalachian Trail pamphlets, a reference to the infamous 2009 incident when the then-governor's staff said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail when he was really in Argentina with the woman with whom he'd been having an extramarital affair. 


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