As we all get ready to celebrate mom this weekend, there’s no doubt many of us can recall some special words of wisdom our mothers have shared with us over the years. Well, it turns out a lot of moms tend to share the same wisdom, and some classic “MOM-isms” are apparently universal.

A new poll conducted by 1-800-Flowers asked folks about the quirky expressions and catchphrases they heard from mom time and time again and there are  a bunch that seem to recur over and over.

Among the most common “Mom-isms”

"Because I said so" – 43%"Don't worry; everything will be ok" – 40%"You'll always be my baby" – 35%"I'm always here to listen" – 28%"You're stronger than you think you are" – 26%“This too shall pass” – 20%

Of course not all “Mom-isms” are positive ones, with 17% of folks admitting they’ve heard mom say, “oh, is THAT what you’re wearing?” Okay, that number seems pretty low

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