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Will commercial real estate be the next crisis?

Why does it feel like people want 2008 again?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong react to the Fed meeting yesterday, the expected rate hikes, and the comments from Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen. Chuck is concerned that people want this financial crisis to be as bad or worse than the 2008 crisis. Looking ahead, what will the Fed do at their next meeting? China is starting to act like a global power, how will the US respond?

Ask Todd: How to fit real estate into your estate plan

Todd Lutsky, Cushing & Dolan, shares some best practices for owning rental property, how real estate fits into your estate plan, and details what a grand tour trust is.

Apple and Microsoft dominate the S&P 500

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane discuss how Apple and Microsoft have come to dominate the US stock market and take a look back at what happened to some of the other companies who held this position. Corey Adams, Robert Half, joins the show to give some guidance on how to give your career a good spring cleaning. Home prices fell in Febraury for the first time in 11 years.

What the Fed's next interest-rate decision means for your money

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane wonder how Jerome Powell will act at today's Fed meeting and what his decision means for your money. Todd Lutsky stops by to make sure you are not messing up your estate plan and how to fit Real Estate into your estate plan. Todd shares some of the best practices to owning rental property.

Who should be blamed for inflation?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss who should be taking more blame for inflation. Social Security cost-of-living adjustments will likely be far lower than last year. Ted Rossman stops by to share a surprising fact about credit card rewards. Small businesses are stress-testing their banks after the collapse of SVB. Amazons latest layoffs show its efficiency drive is now affecting revenue-driving segments.

Why are big banks trying to save small banks?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane wonder why Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, wants to save New First Republic and why big banks in general want to save small banks. How will Powell respond to the recent bank crisis at tomorrow's fed meeting? The US is studying ways to insure all bank deposits if this crisis continues. Will the FDIC get expanded? Lawrence Yun, NAR, joins the show to chat about the recent home sales data.

Apple's cost-cutting doesn't include layoffs

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong dive into how Apple is managing to cut costs without laying off employees. Elon Musk's cost-cutting targets are putting his EV competition is a difficult spot. Baby Boomers are not doing what analysts expect them do to, move into a smaller home. How can the price of childcare come down and parents get back to work? Multi-generational housing. Disney+ raised prices by $3 per month, and nearly 94% of subscribers seem fine with it.

Stocks hold up in tumultuous market

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong wonder what Jerome Powell will say at the next Fed meeting. UBS "agrees" to buy Credit Suisse for more than $3B. Deal is part of effort to prevent further erosion of banking system. S&P 500 and Nasdaq finished higher last week despite losses in bank shares. Amazon announces 9,000 new layoffs in cost-cutting effort. Before SVB collapsed, the Fed spotted big problems, but didn't do anything. Why are smaller banks are crucial for the economy?

AI is changing the game for sports bettors

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong chat about Wynn Resorts buying the Everett power plant site and what they should do with the land, perhaps a stadium for the New England Revolution. Megan Lanham, CEO of Rithmm, joins the show to disucss how AI is changing the landscape for sports bettors. The subscription model has gone too far, but the companies utilizing them aren't wrong. Google Glass is going away, again. Youtube TV is raising prices. FCC is targeting spam texters.