While most people love to go on vacation, when you go on a trip with kids there’s certainly a good amount of stress involved. Often it takes kids a few days to get settled while on vacation and every parent has different tricks on how exactly to make that happen.

Well, asked 18,000 travelers across 25 countries about those important first 24 hours of a family vacation, and got a bunch of tips on how to make sure they go smoothly.

Overall, most parents say the key to a happy child on vacation is bringing things that will keep them occupied, with travel games and books the most popular option at 43%. Another important thing to pack for a successful vacation - a handy first aid kit, with 43% of parents not going anywhere without one.

Other ways parents keep kids happy in the first days of a vacation include:

Packing emergency snacks (42%)Covering kids in bug spray/sunscreen (41%)Making sure that they brought familiar comforts, so the space feels like a home away from home (33%)Packing key items (e.g. swimsuit/ski gear) separately or at the top of the suitcase (31%)Checking out the fastest way to the beach/ski slopes (28%)Packing travel adapters and chargers at the top of the suitcase (25%)Enrolling kids into a club prior to arrival (12%)Renting a stroller (8%)

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