Days after saying she’s “retired from politics,” Hillary Clinton has let loose in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Among other things, Clinton says she believes President Trump “poses a threat to the country.” The former Democratic presidential nominee said Trump and the people around him are “a clear and present danger to American democracy and the rule of law.”

And no, that’s not all. She also described Trump as “someone who admires authoritarian leaders,” adding that Mr. Trump “doesn't just admire Russian President Vladimir Putin,” but Trump “would like to be Putin.” Clinton offered, “He wants to have that kind of power that is largely unaccountable.” She also said Trump is someone who doesn't listen, pursues his own interest and is emotionally reactive.

Speaking of “reactive” behavior, Amazon is getting a lot of criticism for removing negative reviews of Clinton's new book, “What Happened.” Amazon has admitted that it removed one-star reviews of the project.

In a statement that its policy is to remove reviews that violate Amazon's community guidelines. People who buy books on Amazon can post reviews of one to five stars, with one being the worst. It was Amazon's sixth-best selling non-fiction title last week.

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