He may have an Emmys cameo under his belt, but no network apparently wants to take on Sean Spicer. The big five, which include CBS News, CNN, Fox News, ABC News and NBC News, are all said to have passed on taking on Spicer as a paid contributor. 

"They won't touch him," a media exec reports. “The news organizations might use him on roundtables, but [a paid exclusive contributor job] is not happening."

Why? According to multiple network insiders who preferred to comment anonymously, Spicer has a "lack of credibility." So far, nobody from the networks and nobody from Team Spicer has made an official comment.

A recent Newsradio 920 poll showed most felt Spicer showed he had a good sense of humor with his Emmy appearance poking fun at himself...but I think if he continues along that line, he'll greatly diminish his credibility. His career could be at a crossroads. Does he want to be a media personality or a political pundit. It's tough to morph the two.

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