While fall may have just officially started, it seems a lot of folks already have the holidays on their mind. In fact, a new survey finds that 30% of Millennials are shopping for their holiday gifts all year. 

But for those who aren’t obsessed year-round, many still begin shopping earlier than retailers expect. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered the real start of the holiday shopping season, 60% of al consumers say they begin shopping way before that. Overall, Millennials are most likely to begin shopping early (58%), with a third of centennials (those born in the mid 90s to the mid 2000s) not starting their shopping until after Black Friday, and 15% of them actually waiting until December 15th.

Of course that doesn’t mean Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t still popular shopping days. Turns out 37% of all shoppers make purchases on Black Friday, with 34% buying stuff on Cyber Monday. Again, Millennials are the most likely to shop on Black Friday (54%), compared to only 21% of Baby Boomers. 

ONE MORE THING! While we usually think of Cyber Monday as the day people rush to make their online holiday purchases, a new report claims more people are actually heading online on Black Friday. In fact, the Salesforce report claims Black Friday will be the busiest digital shopping day in U.S. history, and for the second year in a row it will exceed Cyber Monday in digital sales. 

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