NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is pleased with yesterday’s meeting with team owners, players and executives on social issues in New York City. Goodell says they had a very productive meeting and it shows the commitment to work with players on social injustice. What they didn’t talk about? Players standing during the anthem. Goodell noted, “We did not ask for that.”

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross put it this way: "We heard what they had to say and they heard us. It's open talks and that's a good thing.”

Goodell also notes that players have a good understanding of the issues at hand and that they are committed to making a change. Goodell will hold a full press conference after the owners meetings wrap up today.

One person not happy at all? Colin Kaepernick His lawyer says he was not invited to the NFL owner's meeting, even though other players wanted him there. A statement from the free agent's attorney claimed that neither NFL officials nor team executives invited Kaepernick to attend the meeting, where the ongoing national anthem protests were being discussed.A tangible outcome from yesterday's meeting? A joint open letter to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary in support of the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017.

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