When it comes to Halloween costumes, most kids love to dress up as their favorite superhero, or princess, but there are a few kids who like to embrace the scariness of the holiday with a spooky costume. But even if that’s true, it seems some parents aren’t too keen on putting kids in a creepy costume.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, asked parents what costumes they would find scariest to dress their child as this Halloween, and many of them must watch “The Walking Dead” because Zombies are the clear winner at 56%. Still, not all the scary costumes are of the ghoulsh kind, with President Donald Trump making the list with 42%.

Top Ten Halloween Costumes Parents Find Scariest

Zombie (56%)Devil (42%)Grim Reaper (38%)Skeleton (37%)Day of the Dead theme (36%)Ghost (35%)Frankenstein’s monster (32%)Clown (30%)Voldemort (27%)Donald Trump (26%)

Trump also tops the list for the scariest celebrity costume with 54% of the vote, and even beats out Kim Jung Un, who only got 40% of the feedback.

Top Ten Scariest Celebrity Faces For Halloween

Donald Trump (54%)Marilyn Manson (41%)Kim Jong-un (40%)Donatella Versace (37%)Ozzy Osbourne (34%)Vladimir Putin (33%)Katie Hopkins (31%)Theresa May (30%)Nigel Farage (27%)Boris Johnson (26%)

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