With accusations of sexual misconduct against famous and powerful men dominating headlines over the past three months, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll  finds that Americans don't actually agree on what amounts to sexual harassment. Most respondents agreed that actions like intentional groping or kissing without consent is sexual harassment, but were split on some other behavior:

Unwanted compliments about your appearance -- 38 percent said it's sexual harassment, 47 percent said it isn'tTelling you dirty jokes -- 41 percent said it's sexual harassment, 44 percent said it isn'tNonconsensual hugging -- 44 percent said it's sexual harassment, 40 percent said it isn't

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says sexual harassment can include not only unwelcome sexual advances, but also verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects someone's employment, interferes with their performance or creates an intimidating or hostile work environment. However, courts have disagreed on when individual actions cross the line into harassment

How to you remedy a problem you don't recognize?

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