Get set for the same regurgitation of issues in the wake of the school shooting massacre in Parkland Florida. The network talking head shows, depending on which network,  will push their agendas...either the need for stricter gun control or stressing it's a mental health issue. The FBI, rightfully, will be raked over the coals for having shooter Nikolas Cruz on their radar only to let him slip through the cracks. Bills attempting to ban assault weapons will be flying through the halls on Smith Hill. Stricter gun control will become a key issue in the upcoming mid term elections. The pundits will be forcing both sides of their opinions on us relentlessly. Within the first two months of the new year, there have been 18 school shootings throughout the United States.  Unfortunately, lost in all this will be the main issue...figuring out how to make our schools safer for our kids. They're looking to us for answers, and so far all we've done is failed them.


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