Over the weekend, President Trump gave his endorsement to Mitt Romney's campaign for Utah senate. Romney's running to replace outgoing Senator Orin Hatch. Trump took the Twitter to say Romney will "make a great senator and worthy successor." The President added that Romney has his full support and endorsement. This is the kind of political that drives me nuts. During the GOP Presidential primary, Romney was highly critical of Trump and Trump had just as much vitriol for Romney. Romney called Trump a phony and a fraud while Trump said Romney "choked like a dog" in his presidential bid against Barack Obama. Romney has been critical of Trump after he became president too denouncing the way the President reacted to events in Charlottesville, Virginia last year when a white supremacist drove through a crowd of spectators killing one and then criticizing Trump's decision to endorse former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. This stuff drives me crazy....during a primary, candidates will accuse each other of everything except being responsible for the Hindenburg crash but once the race is over it's all kumbaya. It would nice to see these people have the courage of their convictions and not simply cave to keep a party unified.


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