The GOP primary for Governor is getting chippy as the Silly Season ramps up. The three declared Republican candidates are House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan, Cranston mayor Allan Fung and Giovanni Feroce.  Morgan issued a statement headlined: "Morgan Challenges Fung to Tell Rhode Islanders Where He Stands on Issues." The statement went out the same day the Pro Jo published a story on where the "better known candidates" stand on gun control proposals before the General Assembly. Fung was the lone candidate not respond to the papers' inquiry. Morgan was quick to pounce saying Fung "plays both sides of every issue, waits until the dust settles or simply refuses to comment. It's tike for him to find the courage to level with all of us and let us know where he stands. Leaders lead, they don't bob, weave and hide." Fung's camp denounced Morgan's comments as "more nonsense from a candidate who is falling further and further behind in this race." Most political handicappers say this is Fung's primary to lose but with the outspoken Morgan and the unpredictable Feroce around, it could be a lot of fun to watch.


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