President Trump wants a big military parade in the nation's capital, but not if the price tag is too high.

On "Fox News" Saturday, Trump explained that he envisions a parade with lots of flyovers, which could cost between $10-million and $30-million dollars. If it can't be done for a "reasonable cost," Trump said, it won't happen. The president did not elaborate on what a reasonable cost might be.

Trump said the military loves the idea and he thinks it would be great "for the spirit of the country." The parade could be held on Veterans Day in November and follow a route down Pennsylvania Avenue, he suggested. A recent NEWSRADIO 920 and 104-7 FM morning show poll found most of you were NOT in favor of a milirtay might parade...and exactly what is a "resaonable cost?" Some might say when you consider how 10 to 30 million could be used to better the lives of our veterans instead of inflation our chest down Pennsylvania Avenue, THAT'S VERY REASONABLE.


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