According to the Providence Journal, 40 gun bills had been introduced in the House and Senate by the time business closed last week. Hearings on those bills will begin this week. There's always immediate outrage after another mass shooting, especially when it involves schools, but this there seems to be genuine momentum on Smith Hill. Even NRA endorsed  House Speaker Nicholas Matiello, agrees some action's warranted. While he stops short on banning assault weapons, Matiello supports the red flag bill, raising the age to buy any firearm to 21, and prohibiting bump stocks. Republican Mike Chippendale, one of the state's biggest "pro second Amendment voices in the State House, says "we all want real solutions to this." Chippendale adding "I'm sitting here right now in a big marble dome protected by men with guns and metal detectors. My son is in a public school protected by no one, and I find that to be outrageous." Democratic Rep Deb Ruggiero of Jamestown thinks more action is possible this time. Why?She says "there's a seismic shift where people are SAYING  enough is enough and not just the gaggle of gun-control advocates. When young people say 'enough is enough', I think we have to pay attention. The children become the adults in the room."


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