Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is not the only Trump administration official to get fired yesterday. President Trump's longtime personal assistant John McEntee was also shown the door. McEntee was reportedly fired over an unspecified security issue. But according to some sources, he had already been granted a permanent security clearance before was abruptly fired.

Adding to the mystery? Reports that McEntee wasn’t even allowed to pack his desk – that he was escorted off the White House grounds. Still, he’s said to be getting a soft landing and will join Trump's re-election campaign team. That is a private operation and is not linked to the administration.

This exit is the latest in Camp Trump. Other recent Trump departees include Josh Raffel, a spokesperson for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who announced last month that he would return to the private sector in New York. In all, more than three dozen high-profile officials have resigned or been fired since President Trump took office.

And if you’re thinking the Trump administration’s turnover rate sounds high, you’re right. In the first 13 months of his presidency, Mr. Trump raced past the totals achieved by each of the last five presidents within the first two years. Mr. Trump has had a 43% turnover rate, President Clinton came next at 38%, PresidentGeorge W. Bush comes in third at 33%. His father, President George H.W. Bush had a turnover rate of 25% and President Obama had a 24% churn.


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