The Pro-Jo ran an editorial recently entitled "Governor's Race Gets Murkier" and it raised a question I've long asked...why do these "fringe" candidates spend so much time, energy and sometimes money when they don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning. Former Secretary of State Matt Brown's announcement he's running as an indy makes incumbent Gina Raimondo's job harder. Brown's 2006 Democratic U.S Senate run went down in flames thanks to campaign irregularities and then he moved out of state for while and nobody heard a peep out of him for over a decade. Now, Brown brings his hard left agenda to the dance and is likely to be a darling of Providence's East Side. That'll hurt Raimdondo. Thge there's Joe Trillo, long time Republican, who will run as an indy too....then toss in GOP candidate Gio Ferroce, whom the Journal calls a non factor. Trillo's bound to hurt Cranston Mayor and GOP front runner Allan Fung. What do these fringe folk want? Do they REALLY think they can win? Is it to make a point on specific issues important to them? Is it ego? Is it to be considered for a back room deal to exit the race in turn for a position in an administration? These are the things that keep me up at night.


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