President Trump says former Vice President Joe Biden couldn't beat him up. Trump took to Twitter to day that it would actually be Biden who "would go down fast and hard, crying all the way." Why? He apparently got word of what Mr. Biden had said earlier this week.

During an anti-sexual assault rally this week, Biden told students at the University of Miami that if he had been in high school with Trump, he would take him out behind the gym and "beat the hell out of him" over his crude comments about women. Trump tweeted that Biden is mentally and physically weak and trying to act like a tough guy. He added that Biden shouldn't threaten people.

And while some are saying this verbal fracas offers a hint of what the next presidential election might look like – as Biden is rumored to run – one Republican senator has had enough of the tough-guy posturing. In a tweet, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse [[sass]] referred to the one-point-three trillion dollar budget bill that's headed to Trump's desk. “Total dysfunction. DC is about to add 1.3 TRILLION $ to your debt like it’s no big deal - and meanwhile both of our crazy uncles are fistfighting in the backyard,” he writes. “Happy Thanksgiving, America.” Trump is 71. Biden is 75.


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